Riou, assistant general manager.E.A. The work of the national almanac offices - Greenwich and Washington and Paris, and the German and Russian and even Argentinian equivalents - was all calculation and table-making; the observational work was done by others. This time we had a major car-sleeper adventure; we would span the entire country, go into Germany at Basel, hitch onto the DBB, and end up next morning in - Hamburg! IBM itself was pretty much shut down. "Too late to rent you a costume he said, producing a large tartan tam-o'shanter. I told them how good the steaks were in Florence, but they weren't listening. Watson (she seldom said IBM and never.J. But the big shots carefully didn't tell us, and I had not noticed the very faint whispers in the trade that the goings-on were going. And by that time - it was more like five years, as I remember; I was living in Europe - the sharper individuals could see, as I had seen in 1957, that poor old General Electric was not going to put IBM out of business. Thompson had opened in Lyons. GE had too many things on its plate: jet engines, and atomic power, and gigantic legal problems - not to mention the consumer businesses, and the industrial businesses, and the military and space businesses, and the financial and service businesses - to do justice.

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Lots more real hot poop about TR4 transistor trouble, Siemens programming ignorance etc. But it was a lonely effort. Paul introduced me to his favorite lunch place, which was walking distance west of me (but too far for Paul! Rex was more at ease with the IBMers downtown and was soon swept away by Hamilton's ssec project, so we didn't see much of him at the Faculty Club. I had other irons in the fire. It was one of my firsts, and a foundation stone under the GE Information Services operations which are all that remain today of the foredoomed General Electric effort. I can give his qualifications best by"ng the body of my report on the visit: Strachey is the original nrdc computer designer, and among other machines did pegasus for Ferranti. A computer simulation of the complete metropolitan New York transportation pattern: a city planning tool of unprecedented power. The power supply wasn't quite right, but the facilities people fixed it in hours; Evendale Plant was on a roll too. I told Wallace he would be a real catch, and after checking around with our luncheon companions Eckert made him a bewildered IBMer - the company's third scientist. My reports in datamation were scanty on Bangkok and Hong Kong. But the arguments for going digital were overwhelming, even when Forrester made his decision in 1949: accuracy first, perhaps, because it was difficult to go much below one percent in complex analog devices. Eckert's solution remains a landmark - a completely forgotten landmark. Greta Garbo and Mary Martin lived on our block, across from the famous River House.

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Charlie and Dorothy were out, and he had to unload on somebody or burst. Now it's time for me to earn my keep. Readers should remember that this was still a rather small community, full time operators or managers of what today are called mainframes: univacs I and II, with IIIs beginning, 1107s and soon 1108s, and a rather small number of mid-range installations; IBM 700s and 7000s. Yes, it was that week. I pointed out Control Data could sell 606s and later peripherals (they were monkeying with a check sorter, for instance, on the same clean-design basis) to someone like Zuse or Stantec, or maybe even to one of the Big Boys that was fumbling with mainframe. But when I asked if I could help they shrugged me off. They fed me a magnificent lunch at the Stallmästaregarden, just out of town, and decanted me at the Grand afterwards. This was Hilleth Thomas, a world-famous but exceedingly unworldly theoretical physicist who had been doing interior ballistics - that is, explosions and such, as distinguished from exterior, which was trajectories, and which astronomers and eniacs worked. Not able to match either map with the highly stylized subway signs, I relied on digital methods. Before the pets and people arrived I had opened an account with the local bank which had a branch inside the administration building at Gaithersburg. And the time difference being seven hours, I was clearly not planning to miss my skiing. It was his book, and what I saw of his work at the Naval Observatory, that had the real effect. And carafes of white wine.