In Circus, his series of etchings, gender fluidity abounds in a fantastic playground of sexual experiment. He was a machine gunner on the western front when he painted a portrait of his commanding officer, Bruno Alexander Roscher, in 1915. In a self-portrait that he sketched in the 1930s, George Grosz is getting ready to paint a model in his studio. This art was not abstract but fiercely carnal and it is still shocking today. This is not the only lust murder on show. Magic Realism does nothing to overturn the cabaret image it even has a section called Cabaret. He was to record what he saw in grisly prints featuring worm-infested skulls and bodies on barbed wire. As the violent fervor of the war subsided, the German need for stimulation traveled to the nightclubs of Berlin, where cocaine use exploded : ". . For on the side he also does a booming retail trade in cocaine, the poisonous white powder, and in this connection his clientele might well be much more extensive and loyal. Dix returned from the war with a terrible sense of the fragile flesh we are. Two, with sleek short hair, lounge while smoking and daydreaming in her 1929 watercolour Boring Dolls; prostitutes are portrayed as defiant working women in her 1930 piece Free Room. Magic Realism, a free display that has the depth of an exhibition, complete with scholarly catalogue, uncovers what scared the Nazis about modern German art. Grosz makes the same confusion of war and civilian life, sex and death, explicit in his 1916 painting Suicide. Rudolf Schlichter portrays the artist sitting and contemplating two dead women who hang from his ceiling. An etching by Dix shows a crazed murderer surrounded by dismembered body parts.

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I mean that precisely. What sickened the imaginations of these artists? The non-stop orgy that was Weimar Berlin.". As Barbara Ulrich shows in her book The Hot Girls of Weimar Berlin, cocaine use went hand-in-hand with sexual hedonism and experimentation. The biggest discovery here is, jeanne Mammen. Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art). A touching early work by Dix reminds us of the horror they had endured. The reason the Nazis called modern art degenerate is that avant garde works. Photo: Photographer Unknown no Known Copyright Restrictions, recreational cocaine use started creeping around Germany in the lead up to the First World War. As a contemporary writer noted,  "cocaine is said to heighten the libido, the potency and the inclination to all sexual activities" and could "arouse the latent homosexual tendency in a woman, and make her the lesbian heterosexual for a time." So, lesbianism, bi-experimentation, or bi group sex.

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Cafes served coke to patrons, who sniffed it pornobeach möhnesee sex in weimar openly from tables. She holds up a whip that seems aimed at the viewer of the image as much as any circus animal. Sailors and sex workers, acrobats and musicians populate this fascinating, fleshy art. Charles Baudelaire published his Les Fleurs du Mal poetry collection in 1857. One can estimate that thirty percent of all prostitutes, gamblers, and pederasts are cocaine users, and in other callings as well, in particular among artists, cocaine has found its loyal slaves.". A book on Berlin from the time, Children of the Night. His images of sexual violence could be understood as post-traumatic nightmares. The artist relishes the contours of her corpse. Reality has been blown apart and death has poisoned desire. The story goes that it won him some welcome leave. The city's very air seemed to transport its inhabitants to a state of near-constant sexual frenzy." Group sex between people of all genders, sexes, tendencies, and orientation were fueled by coke, alcohol, and other drugs in ". That mixing of Eros and Thanatos, sex and death, has shaped the image of decadence in art and literature, at least since. Germany after the first world war really did revel in the perverse, the decadent, the depraved. The Degenerate Art exhibition is remembered today simply as an attack on modernism. Roschers face is like a piece of pink meat bulging out of his medal-bedecked uniform. And status as mecca for out-of-control foot fetishes." and "rampant depravity." In Berlin, ". Images from the Thug Life contained a section called Night Figures of the City in which it's written : "The sausage seller sells not only his sausage treats but offers his customers the chance for other, forbidden pleasures as well. As she does her hair, standing with her back to him and us, naked except for a translucent green slip that half covers her buttocks, seamed stockings and shoes, he grins lasciviously, squeezing a phallic paint tube. A prostitute holds up a flower at a window as a young man lies dead in the street. The jagged erotik coiffeur porno filma cubistic composition sends everything spinning off in fragments. Otto Dix s 1922 watercolour, lustmord lust Murder) depicts a slavering Jack the Ripper figure with his tongue hanging out as he poses demonically by the woman he has killed. This is the kind of display Tate Moderns collections need a truly revelatory voyage through art and history. An eerie 1924 drawing. It is degenerate with a vengeance. It is a good term to revive because for too long art history has tended to crush this raw genre with cold, technical language. The Weimar Republic a fledgling German democracy established in 1919, only to be undermined by economic disaster and overrun by Hitler has long been portrayed as decadent. Magic realism was coined by a Weimar critic to describe these rich and strange fusions of the real and fantastic.

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  • Homosexuality, nudity, prostitutes, and orgies were easy to come by, as were drugs and alcohol.
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Merck, the world's leading producer of pharmaceutical cocaine, located in Germany. Her images of Weimar women are liberated and hedonistic. One has no idea how quickly the vice of cocaine has made its home in Germany; broad groups of the population have fallen hopelessly into its clutches. Cabarets, S M clubs, brothels. The curators see her imagery as a riposte to the male artists in the show but, to me, she has much in common with Dix. A rag hangs from his pocket like a masturbatory spurt. It is a past that feels like our present, and the art here holds up a mad mirror to a mad world. The lion-tamer is part man, part woman and part beast. As Carl Ludwig Scheilch wrote in his paper "Cocaineism" in 1921, "In the mobility mania that seized the whole of our modern culture before the war there was an ecstatic longing for intesitification." This need was satisfied by cocaine. The constant blizzard of Berlin was aided.

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